Empowering Voices, Building Brands

At Audio Moguls Media, we’re at the forefront of a dual mission: amplifying the voices of Black and Brown creators and elevating the audio brand of companies through innovative marketing strategies. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we stand as a beacon of empowerment, innovation, and community for creators and businesses alike.

Our Story

Founded by Mwanje Thompson, an expert in audio production with over ten years of experience, Audio Moguls Media was born from a passion for storytelling and a commitment to giving underrepresented voices a platform to be heard. Mwanje saw not only the need for more inclusive representation in media but also the immense potential of audio as a medium for powerful branding and connection.

Innovation at Our Core

Distinguishing ourselves with a 50/50 revenue-sharing model, we ensure fair compensation for the creativity and hard work of our creators. But our innovation doesn’t stop at financial models. Embracing Web 3 technology, we offer groundbreaking tools such as NFTs, crypto tokens, and mini metaverses to foster community engagement and open new revenue streams.

Audio Marketing Experts

Beyond our podcast network, we specialize in crafting and amplifying the audio brand for companies. Our expertise in audio marketing allows us to produce captivating audio content that resonates with audiences, enhances brand presence, and drives engagement. Whether you’re looking to launch a podcast series, create immersive audio experiences, or explore the potential of sound in your marketing mix, we’re here to help your brand find its voice.

Our Values

Our foundation is built on empowerment, innovation, community, and excellence in audio marketing. We’re committed to not just elevating voices but also to transforming how brands connect with their audiences through sound.

Join Our Movement

Whether you’re a creator looking to share your story or a business aiming to enhance your audio brand, Audio Moguls Media is your partner in navigating the future of sound. Let’s create, innovate, and amplify together.

Amplify Your Brand with Us

Ready to revolutionize your brand’s audio presence? Reach out to us at [your contact page link], and let’s embark on a journey of impactful storytelling and brand transformation.